Chrysler – Dodge – Jeep Win Modules

Is your Dodge or Chrysler vehicle giving you a terrible key message or doesn’t set up in any way? Is the key falling while driving the vehicle from the ignition or the car unexpectedly turns off? One of the most widespread faults for FOBIK kind of ignitions is the WIN Module. There is a recall on these vehicles but if you are out of service contract you are looking at an immense bill from the dealership.

Services we offer:-

 Damage Keys Remade / Replaced

 Transponder Key Programming

 Smart Keys Sold & Programmed

 Out of order Keys Removed / Remade

 Ignition Lock Repairs

Lots of Chrysler vehicles such as the 300, Dodge Avenger, and Jeep don’t bring into play a conventional ignition key lock. Instead, you put in a FOBIK into a slit in the dash.

Jeep Models We Services in Minneapolis

• Jeep Patriot
• Jeep Compass
• Jeep Liberty
• Jeep Wagoneer
• Jeep Wrangler
• Jeep Rubicon

On definite vehicles, the Wireless Ignition Node) may allow the ignition key to unintentionally move from the ON position to the accessory (ACC) position while driving, causing the engine to shut off. This would effect in a loss of motive control, power steering and power brakes, and would put out of action the airbags as well as other supplemental self-control systems. Increased steering and braking attempt and a loss of motive power could raise the risk of a crash causing injury and/or damage to possessions.